31 October, 2010

Give Someone a Good Scare

So, Neil Gaiman's started a new Halloween tradition I can definitely get behind: All Hallow's Read.  Give someone a scary book today.

Look, I know it's already Halloween.  That's no excuse.  The bookstores are open.  You've got five minutes.  Just do it.

Now to think up something scary to give.  Romance novel?  Something from the self-help section?  Glenn Beck's latest - ah, no, I want my friends to survive the fright, and preferably without projectile vomiting.  But maybe a little something by .... Richard Simmons.

Mwa-ha ha!


Brian said...

"Sarah Palin: I can see the Cretaceous Period from here!"

Silver Fox said...

(No bookstores in *this* town.)