04 October, 2010

Car Shopping Day is a Very Dangerous Day II

Always take your test drive on a long and winding road, preferably with hills, so you can truly get a feel for the car.  This is something I learned today, and it has led to the new car being knocked from the short list.  Its performance was okay, but failed to knock my socks off.  Besides, it didn't have any air conditioning.  When a car's going to end up traveling to Arizona, this is a serious drawback.

If I'd had the money for a higher-end model, circumstances would probably be otherwise.  That manufacturer is making some sweet machines.

I shan't be getting a brand new Nissan, as the dealership is asking prices that made me laugh.  They also played the "let me talk to the sales manager" gambit, which doesn't go over well with me.

So it's down to a celebrity death match between the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V being sold by my favorite dealer, and the Honda Civic LX-S being sold by the other guys.  I wish the Civic was at my favorite dealer's lot.  Sigh.  But I suppose my choice will depend on how I feel in the morning.  My intrepid companion came along for the day's car shopping adventures, and likes the Sentra quite a lot.  Lumbar support, you see.

Yes, in a Sentra.  This is one that had upgrades.  Many.  Upgrades.  One of which would be getting torn out of the trunk at my earliest convenience if I buy that car - what the fuck do I need a subwoofer for?  We'd be keeping the moon roof and the superb

Either way, my decision shall be made tomorrow.  And you lot won't have to suffer me babbling about this experience any longer.

Chris shall probably groan when he learns I'm buying one of the used cars on his "don't buy used if you can help it" list, but financial circumstances mean I either go used, go without, or go with a car I'm not thrilled by.  Considering how long I intend to keep this vehicle, I need to be thrilled.  Possibly even ecstatic.

We'll just see how thrilled the guys with the Civic are when I tell them how much I want to pay for it.  Hee.

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Suzanne said...

yay! there is a light at the end of the tunnel... and it is not an oncoming train but a new to you car!!!

fingers and toes ya get the one ya really want