09 October, 2010

Quote o' the Day

Just because I always enjoy bashing Chris Mooney.  I consider it something of a spectator sport with occasional audience participation.  See his hysteria summed up rather wonderfully:
Really – Mooney seems to have this very easily-triggered terror that a critical comment from one person about one other person will cause some terrible, general, societal harm. But is the structure really that fragile? Are cascades that easy to set off? PZ calls Collins a clown and, whammo, children flee biology class, and Congress passes laws making fuel economy a felony, and the glaciers melt and everybody dies.

What people like Chris Mooney don't realize is that you can't change the world without shaking people up.  His freaking out at the slightest non-accommodating remark is just pathetic.

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Paul Sunstone said...

When I was in sales, I learned that insulting the person you were trying to persuade to do something was an excellent way to loose the sale. I don't suppose that's very different for any kind of persuasion, whether it's persuading people to buy soap or persuading them to accept evolution. If you insult them, you loose.

But even if that's true, there is something to be said for the morale boost someone like PZ Meyers gives us with his snark in the face of the massive stupidity of creationists, etc. I think there have been times I would have despaired had it not been for the devastating wit shown by folks like Meyers and you. Yet, I don't believe Meyers -- or you -- have ever convinced many creationists, etc. to see the error of their ways. You sure are good for my morale though!