04 October, 2010

She's My Girl

And I love her:

(Click for clearer image.  Don't ask me why Blogger's suddenly decided to display sub-par crap in the post proper.)


Toyota of Kirkland ensured I got the car I wanted at the price I wanted.  Barry Glenn, my outstanding State Farm agent, made sure financing was available and, as always, did a brilliant job setting me up with the right policy.  Chris saw to it that I had the right info.  And, vitally, my intrepid companion chauffeured me around and waited in dealerships without complaint. Thanks, guys!

Apologies to my favorite dealer.  I wanted to buy a car from him.  He didn't have this car.  But if any of you are in the market for an extremely sweet Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, or indeed a Hyundai of any description, call Hyundai of Seattle and ask for Peter.  You'll not only get an excellent car, you'll get some of the best customer service in the industry at a price that will leave you very pleased indeed.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow night.  But don't be surprised if there's the occasional gush over how amazed I am that I own a car this sweet.  ;-)


Suzanne said...

oooooooh shes be-you-tiful... so happy you have wheels again dana

Chris said...

Great looking car and a nice color. I guess I neglected to mention that the ultimate goal when buying a new car - or anything else for that matter - is that you wind up with something you will enjoy at least as long as you are making payments! Too many people find their fairy carriages turning into pumpkins about 6 months into the contract - which results in a case of painful arthritis when writing the next checks. But judging from the really silly grin on your face you're going to love this ride long afterwards. Oh heck, I've ridden a Honda Shadow for 6 years now and still get a kick out of it!

Now all you have to do is come up with a name for it. Everytime we got a new car the family sat down and voted on a name for it. My favorite was when my oldest son came up with the name "Old Yeller" for a big used Buick we bought - because, according to him, it needed to be taken out back and shot!

Silver Fox said...

Very cool!

About the photos, if you go into html editing and find the long part that is the photo, looking something like this:

|| a href="http://highway8a.blogspot.com/search/label/in%20the%20west" || img style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 10px auto; WIDTH: 500px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 333px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5523091693608135666" border="0" alt="" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_zyAOnV8f3Oo/TKX2oftsa_I/AAAAAAAAG9w/P19nuU-cFzM/s1600/IMG_0922_1_3_3.jpg" / ||

The WIDTH is 500, so the little part towards the end that says /s1600 has to be a larger number than the width. The little "s" is for size. Your photo width is at least 500, but your code probably says s400 or s200. You can try s800 or s1600. Other numbers won't work. I've used || instead of the brackets that won't work in comments.

I use the old editor, btw, not the new one. Previewing is easier.

Karen said...

Beautiful car. I hope it gives you as many happy years as my Mazda Protege has given me! At the moment we've been together for 12 years, but who's counting?

Dana Hunter said...

Thanks, all, for the compliments! Yeah, seems like we're gonna be together for a great many years, and not grudgingly, either. Which is what I was looking for.

Now I just have to get all y'all to Seattle so I can chauffeur you around!

Thanks for the photo tips, Silver Fox - it'll make the next geology extravaganza less painful to look at. Yeesh.