24 October, 2010

A Little Something of Photographic Interest

For our own George W., who knows how to rig up inexpensive solutions to photographic needs, with outstanding results.  This is probably something he's already invented, but hey - why not?

My darlings, may I present you: "The poor man's macro kit." Complete with before-and-after shots!

So, go interest yourselves in some extension tubes, avoid the hideously expensive specialty lenses for macro shots, and don't forget to save your old Pringles cans in the name of photography!


Cujo359 said...

Sadly, your lens needs to be detachable for that to work...

Here's another use for an empty Pringle's can, in case you went out and bought one already.

george.w said...

Oops! - you just reminded me that I had not yet fixed the images that didn't import over from my old blog. That's done now.

People with camera phones have been experimenting with various hacks including using the teeny lens from a DVD player. The high-quality eyepiece lens from an old 35mm SLR works really well too. (For that matter it makes an excellent field-magnifier for geologists.)

Also I think your Lumix has a super-macro mode or can get very close. I got this little spider with my G11 the other day. He was waiting for me on the garage door when I got home, and would just about fit on a pencil eraser. The picture is only about the middle 1/10 of the whole frame, cropped.