16 October, 2010

Photos to Delight and Entertain You

Just because it's Saturday, and we could all use something light and cheerful.

Neil Gaiman has finally been spotted on ROFLRAZZI:

And Brian Switek found the cutest baby Apatosaurus in the entire universe:

Hee. It looks like it's trying to say its first word!

And, in wonderful news, our own Suzanne was on teevee with this gorgeous photo:

How many people can say they got their pitchoor on teevee for their birfdai?  Woot!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

twas an amazing birthday dana -- and you were the one who started off the amazing with your earlier post.

i was so blow away by the weather doodette wishing me happy birthday on the air!!! what a great surprise.

that is such a cute little babysaurus awwwww