10 October, 2010

Real Home Remedies

Amazingly enough, there are a few that work, and a whole book dedicated to them that doesn't promise miracles, doesn't proffer total bullshit, and doesn't keep you from seeing the doctor until it's too fucking late:
I received a prepublication proof of The Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies: What to Do for the Most Common Health Problems. It is due to be released on October 26 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com. Since “quackademic” medicine is infiltrating our best institutions and organizations, I wasn’t sure I could trust even the prestigious Mayo Clinic. I was expecting some questionable recommendations for complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) treatments, but I found nothing in the book that I could seriously object to.

Nowhere does it mention acupuncture, chiropractic, energy medicine, or homeopathy. It gives good, clear guidance about when a health problem should not be treated with home remedies. Its recommendations about diet and exercise are solid. It doesn’t recommend anything that can’t be supported by published studies and common sense. When it recommends herbal remedies and diet supplements, it is cautious about what it claims. 

ZOMG.  I didn't think that was possible.  Might have to actually buy this one, because having a handy tome on reliable home remedies that will tell me when it's time to put down the home remedy and pick up the phone would be ideal.  Also nice to have such things vetted so I'm not wasting money on total bullshit, or hours online trying to sort the useful bits from the bullshit.

Figured I'd pass the knowledge along in case you lot were yearning for such an item.

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