08 October, 2010

Food for Thought, Food for Disgust

First, the food for thought - a long but interesting post regarding the utility (or not) of religion in society.  Geez, that sounded stodgy.  Let's try "Celebrity Death Match between Philip Kitcher and Daniel Dennett!!1!11!"

There.  Now, doesn't that sound intriguing?

And here's the food for disgust:
In a Rage Reduction therapy session, a child is restrained by a therapist – usually a licensed psychologist or social worker – plus one or more assistants. The therapist “activates” a child by yelling, belittling, threatening, relentlessly tickling, bouncing the child’s head, covering his mouth, and painfully knuckling the child’s rib cage and sternum. Such sessions typically go on for two or more hours, until the child is exhausted from struggling and becomes, as one psychologist observed, “a whimpering little puddle.” Children, even teenagers, are then swaddled and given a baby bottle by their adopted mother for “bonding time.”

Can you believe this stupid fucking shit is still done to children?  If you want to get your own rage on, read that whole post.

And a special bonus: if you want to twist any noses today, why not ask a Teabagger why they hate puppies?

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Paul Sunstone said...

Rage reduction sounds like something so stupid that only our species of great ape could think of it.