03 September, 2009

Jon Henke Rides Again

For having the audacity to call for a boycott of WorldNut Daily for its terminal stupidity, Jon Henke is now enduring an influx of idiots. I do believe he's enjoying himself (h/t):

In The Washington Times, Farah "questioned Mr. Henke's motives and standing", arguing that The Next Right is "pretty much a Republican establishment group who has worked for the RNC and the Republican Party and I can certainly understand why a group like that would have problems with World Net Daily." He added "these are not journalists, they are political activists who have their own agendas."

So, he's taking the "you can't handle the truth!" approach so beloved by true believers and conspiracy theorists. He also seems to think I'm part of the "Republican establishment" and aligned with the RNC. This is an interesting argument, considering the fact that I'm trying to get the RNC to stop working with Joseph Farah.

Note to Farah: do not attempt to outsmart a man who can out-think you before his alarm has finished ringing in the morning. It will end badly for you.

He delivered quite the spanking to the WorldNutters who flooded his comments section. This one's my particular favorite:
Plungeon offered his thoughts in ALL CAPS. That's way more convincing than those sentence case arguments.
I haven't taken time away from health care tomfoolery, general fuckwittery, and the abandonment of Bloggingheads by Carl Zimmer and Sean Carroll (no, not that Sean Carroll, the other Sean Carroll) due to general IDiocy to read the rest of Jon's blog. I skimmed, and I can already see we passionately disagree on just about every political point. He's a conservative, I am a liberal, and the common ground between us wouldn't support a very small and extremely frugal churchmouse.

But when it comes to raging right morons and the proper way to handle them, it appears there's plenty of reason to tip a shot glass his way.

More opposition like this, please.

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Efrique said...

I'm with you.

I want intelligent and rational people opposite me politically. Ones who will kick my bad ideas hard, and make me defend and explain my good ones properly.

A crazy opposition is of negative value to everyone, including themselves.