01 September, 2009

Prominent Conservative Calls For Boycott Against WND Advertisers

Heh. It's so awesome when things like this happen:

Jon Henke, a prominent conservative blogger and Republican strategist, has seen enough.


No respectable organization should support the kind of fringe idiocy that WND [WorldNetDaily] peddles. Those who do are not respectable.

I think it's time to find out what conservative/libertarian organizations support WND through advertising, list rental or other commercial collaboration (email me if you know of any), and boycott any of those organizations that will not renounce any further support for WorldNetDaily.

Good for Jon Henke. The more prominent conservatives say "Enough" to fringe trash, the better it will be for the political discourse and the American mainstream.

There is, however, a small catch. Henke argues that those who advertise on WorldNetDaily shouldn't be considered "respectable," and deserve to be boycotted. That's an entirely defensible position, but the Republican National Committee is one of the entities that does business with WorldNetDaily. Indeed, they partnered on a mailing as recently as last week.

Let the boycotts begin!

And let's hope more than 5 conservatives join Jon in his efforts to pull the Republican party away from the fanatical fringe. Not holding my breath, though...

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