04 June, 2008

Happy Hour Discurso

Today's opining on the public discourse.

IMPORTANT REQUEST: My attack Woozle hasn't been fed in over a week. If anyone knows of a bit of religious fuckery he could tear into, please deposit it in the comments or email it to dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com. I'm not going to have a chance seeking out any until Saturday. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Also, I've got a new co-blogger lined up that should have you all delighted. He's an old and dear friend of mine, and he's going to blow me out of the water with his supreme snarkiness. You'll soon see why I jumped up and down and started screaming with glee when he agreed to come on board - stay tuned!

Right. On with the political fuckery, then.

Is anyone surprised by the Republicon's hissy fits? The latest: Mitch McConnell is throwing a tantrum over judical appointees:

Overshadowed by the hype of Barack Obama's victory lap on the Senate floor today is a simmering dispute between Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell over President Bush's remaining judicial nominees.

McConnell has essentially shut down the Senate floor this afternoon by forcing the Senate clerk to read aloud the entire 500 page global warming bill.


McConnell (R-Ky.) believes Reid (D-Nev.) has backtracked on a promise to clear a significant number of Republican judicial nominees, but Democrats are becoming more and more hesitant to give Bush judges a lifelong appointment to the federal bench in the waning months of this White House.

Ah. I see you're having a heart attack from not surprised. Can't say as I blame you. Reid spokesman Jim Manley sounds just like a worn-out mother watching a child throwing a screaming fit on a department store floor:

"Devoid of ideas for addressing global warming and unwilling to work with us to strengthen our weakening economy and energy policy, Republicans have now resorted to changing the subject with inaccurate attacks."

No kidding, Jim. No fucking kidding. But there's no "now," here - they've been doing it ever since they learned tantrums get them attention. I think it's time to make them stand in the corner until they can behave like adults.

Speaking of infantile bids for attention... For those of you wondering how McCain's big "Hey, look at me!" speech went last night, here's a delightful description from Carpetbagger:

The whole transcript is online, but to fully appreciate how bad the speech was, you really have to watch. On the substance, McCain tried a little too hard to distance himself from Bush — it had a powerful “protest too much” quality to it — while suggesting that he, a Washington insider for the last three decades, is the ideal agent of change.

On the style, McCain was sweating, he couldn’t read his teleprompter, he spoke in front of a slightly nauseating backdrop, and his audience was made up of 200 or so bored Louisianans.

Best of all, the McCain campaign scheduled the speech so poorly that the senator was still talking when the polls closed in South Dakota, and the networks interrupted McCain’s comments to announce that Barack Obama had won the Democratic nomination. In other words, thanks to poor planning, the McCain campaign scheduled a speech for prime time in just such a way to ensure that people wouldn’t hear the end.

If this is any indication of how the general election is going to go, I think McCain's going to provide endless entertainment - MST3K style. Who wants to be the robots?

And finally, let's not forget that the Republicons are the ostensible party of values:

It's been a tough year already for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is charged with getting Republicans elected to the House: embezzlement by its treasurer, crushing losses in usually reliable GOP districts, an inability to find quality candidates. It's so bad House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) had to put NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (R-OK) on a very short leash.

Apparently not short enough.

Coles's NRCC will be honoring Springboro, Ohio, City Councilman Michael W. Hemmert later this month with a "Republican Congressional Medal of Distinction," an award he will accept in a two-day celebration culminating in a dinner with President George W. Bush, despite two sets of drug charges (cocaine and marijuana) for which he's currently receiving treatment in lieu of conviction.

Perhaps we should stop looking at violent video games, porn and secularism as causes of criminal behavior and start looking at the idiots in office, no?


Woozle said...

In the absence of some fundie meat, perhaps someone can help me understand what's going on in this dialogue. Has the Ostrich been hypnotized by Karl Rove's army of invisible robots, or what? This is a recently-retired professor emeritus at a major university, mind you -- well-educated and supposedly smart (and not even religious, as he says at some point).

I've got another exchange to post regarding the neocon rumor-mongering about Obama's supposed Muslimhood; it's probably a better read, but I need to collect the emails.

Cobalt said...

Here's something worth mentioning, from a livejournal community I watch.


Woozle said...

That definitely goes on Issuepedia's bad religion page, for which I will happily accept more submissions.

No, wait, it should go on deadly religion. I'll take more links for either of those pages, though.