23 June, 2008

So That's Where My Smack-o-Matic Went!

Paul at Cafe Philos gives John Freshwater a sound spanking, thus saving me the necessity:

There are a lot of John Freshwater’s out there. And, intentionally or not, they are doing their best to undermine the nation’s science education.

I pity the kids who because of some fool teacher will grow up without an understanding of evolution.

I've given you a mere sip of the nectar. If you haven't had time to read the full report of Freshwater's fuckery, you owe it to yourself to get on over to Cafe Philos and see the whole saga laid out in unrelenting detail. Paul puts many of our nation's journalists to shame.

While you're over there, if you're one of those who hasn't sampled Paul's delights, you really must. Go on. Indulge.

Then head on over to Going Down Bitter in the Hinterlands for a post on the march to war with Iran that's guaranteed to curl your hair - and have you screaming mad. It's one of the best examples of using others' words against them I've seen in a long while. Bitter lays out each quote in chronological order like a carpenter hammering nails into a coffin - that coffin being the final resting place of any doubt that the Bush regime has been steadily driving this country to the brink of war with Iran. We're being played like they played us into Iraq. Well, Bitter deals back.

After your blood pressure's calmed a mite, you can troop over to Decrepit Old Fool for a sharp-eyed look at suicide and religion:

Christianity starts with the premise that we’re all unworthy sinners, who deserve to burn in hell unless we’re redeemed by the sacrificial blood of Jesus. That’s a recipe for depression, not a cure. You can’t tout salvation from guilt manufactured by your religion itself and then try to claim the high road.

I'll give you a hint: religion doesn't fare well. George, you see, is a kind and gentle man, but he's the kind of critical thinker that should have fuckwits like Ken Ham shaking in their shoes. The fact that people like Ken Ham are too willfully stupid to realize their being torn to shreds is beside the point.

Finally, by way of a palatte cleanser, you'll be delighted by what John Pieret's brought us by way of the latest on Expelled. Yes, there's more!

Lucky Canadians are getting a chance to see what happens to IQs when subjected to certain versions of religious belief that require that brains be put on hold so as to not get in the way. Peter McKnight of the Vancouver Sun, who I've found to be a reliably intelligent and sensible voice on the topic of science and religion, has a look into Stein's misshapen stepchild and turns up some interesting -- and highly amusing -- tidbits.

Trust me when I say that even after all this time, there's still supreme fucktardeness to be mined from Expelled. Oh, yes. Yes, indeedy.

For bonus fun, go enjoy yourself John's wonderful smackdown of Ken Ham. It's amazing what this man can do without wielding a single expletive.

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Woozle said...

An idea for collective action: if the US attacks Iran, we declare ourselves an independent country, repudiate the US's actions, and send a petition to Iran (and perhaps the EU) asking them to recognize us diplomatically.

Might be good for getting that wiretap you've always wanted installed, anyway.