27 June, 2008

Help Congress Find Their Balls

Remember our vision:

The American Freedom Campaign emailed me with three wonderful ways that vision can be achieved:
On July 10, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing to investigate the firings of nine U.S. Attorneys in 2006 and the questionable prosecution and imprisonment of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. Karl Rove, a potentially key figure in both incidents, has been issued a subpoena to testify before the committee. Rove's lawyer has said that Rove will not appear.

Congress has a few options here. First, if Rove fails to appear, they could pass criminal contempt charges against him, as they did against White House chief of staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers. This is good, but will not result in immediate testimony.
Mmm, criminal contempt. Let us savor that for a moment. Call it our soup course. But I see the waiter is bringing us appetizers:
The second option is to have Karl Rove arrested, under the theory of inherent contempt, and brought to Congress to testify. This is better, but may still be eventually unsatisfying if Rove ends up testifying yet asserts executive privilege repeatedly in order to avoid disclosing
important information.
All right, so he probably would be a complete asshole and spout Bush's magic "Executive Privilege!" words at every opportunity, but still, the idea of Rove getting his ass arrested and dragged before Congress is tasty. Quite. However, the main course is on its way, and it smells delightful:
Another option - and the one supported by the American Freedom Campaign Action Fund - is to tell the president immediately that he will be impeached if members of his administration do not provide full testimony before Congress by a date certain in July. This has historical precedent as one of the three articles of impeachment ultimately brought against President Richard Nixon was based on his refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas.
Oh, ambrosia! Rove's ass on a plate and Bush's head on a platter - sublime! This is my kind of cuisine. Now all we have to do is persuade Congress to serve it up. So let's all go sign the American Freedom Campaign's petition. Tell the bloody cowards to stop quivering and start remembering they fucking govern.

Tell them to help us achieve our dreams:

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Anonymous said...

The problem with impeaching Bush is that would make Cheney President, and that's a thought that terrifies most republicans.