27 June, 2008

I Think I'm Running Out of Alcohol...

There's an astounding number of new faces in this cantina. Hello and welcome! Whether you swung by from Pharyngula, Reddit, or Daily Kos, arrived by way of a blog that's gotten wiped off of Sitemeter by the general stampede, or clicked in from a blogroll, pour yourself a drink and allow me to do my level best to keep you entertained. Good to see you!

Muchos gracias all for the visits, the comments, and the shout-outs. I've been thoroughly enjoying having you about the place.

Muchos gracias especial to those bloggers who linked here yesterday. Really unexpected, and definitely appreciated.

While you're here, take some time to get to know my regulars. They've got astoundingly good blogs, and if you haven't sampled them, you're deprived. You can find their links in the blogroll or their names. As for knowing who they are, well - any comments on a post before today likely come from the brilliant, beautiful people who frequent this cantina.

I'll trust my regulars to point themselves out in the comments here. I'd put together an actual list myself, but there's this little Carnival of the Elitist Bastards coming up on Saturday, and this captain has to get her arse busy making sure the ship leaves port. Please stop back by on Saturday evening and enjoy the delicious elitist bastardry - we've got some truly amazing submissions for our second voyage.

Right. Let's get on with it, and hope the alcohol doesn't run out...


1 comment:

Efrique said...

I'm very happy that your blog is becoming so popular, Dana - and it's not hard to see why.