18 June, 2008

Muster Up, Ye Elitist Bastards!

We're coming down to the wire. The HMS Elitist Bastard is straining at its anchor-chain. Time to load the ammunition, muster the crew, and find a bloody captain.

I've asked Cameron Lee (aka Chaos) to take the helm for June, but haven't heard back from him yet, so if any of you other volunteers wants to edge him out, there's still time! Notify me via dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com if you want the command this sailing.

We've got submissions, but we need more. Get them in to elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com! Deadline is end of day, June 27th - only nine days! And if you'd be so kind, put out the call on your own blogs. The more crew we have, the merrier this voyage will be.

I'll have the schedule for future sailings posted here soon. Muchos Gracias to all those who volunteered! We have a fine compliment of captains, and I can't wait to see what you all at the wheel.


Efrique said...

I plan to submit, but I recently changed my mind about what I'd write about, and I'm still msuing over whether my new topic is too esoteric.

Efrique said...

msuing => musing

Efrique said...

It was. But I have submitted something!