09 June, 2008

So That's What that Was

There I was at work all day, getting me arse kicked by unrelenting call volume, totally oblivious to what was happening over at Pharyngula. And here I was wondering why the sudden influx of new and delightful commenters. Got me answer when I pulled up Sitemeter this evening and went, "Oh, now, THAT traffic's not normal..."

Wish I could return the favor, but let's be honest: the majority of my regulars are already Pharyngula readers, so humble thanks will have to do. Muchas gracias, PZ! The cantina owes you at least a few drinks next time you're in the neighborhood.

It's good to see you all here. And for any of you who weren't here for the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards, please go enjoy - it's got a lot more intellectual substance than my ravings.


Anonymous said...

So how was your weekend? Are you planning a second COEB anytime soon? I've been posting some that might work. Well, not the Kung Fu Panda one, although it probably does drive the fundis crazy.

Dana Hunter said...

Weekend was good! Next carnival's at the end of June - I'm still getting things organized, but I'll let you know which article of yours we plump for.

BTW, I liked the Kung Fu Panda one! I should see that film...