10 June, 2008

The HMS Elitist Bastard Needs Captains!

"And I have crumpled our paper captain
Now who will lead this swarthy crew?"
-Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, "Lemons"

Aye, mateys! It's time for someone else to take the helm of the HMS Elitist Bastard for her next voyage and many voyages to come. And don't ye be worrying now that you don't have experience being a Carnival host - ol' Captain Hunter's here for ye should ye need pointers.

I'll be putting together a schedule of captains here in a bit. If ye want a chance to command the ship, email me at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com with yer name, yer blog's URL, and any shameless flattery ye care to include. If there's a month when ye can't captain, be sure to name it.

Here's the dates we're due to sail (updated: some dates are no longer in play):

June 28th

July 26th - Celebrity death match between John Pieret and PZ Myers

August 30th

September 27th - NP of The Coffee-Stained Writer

October 25th

November 29th

December 27th

For those of ye who've replied without a specified date, I'll be scheduling ye as soon as we have a full compliment o' commanders.

O' course, if demand grows, we may yet set sail every two weeks, so don't think this schedule be the end o' matters!

And if ye don't want to captain the ship, ye can still sail with the crew. Get your submissions in to elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com by Friday, June 28th, for a chance to man the greatest ship o' the line since the HMS Victory!


PZ Myers said...

I could do July, if I'm bastardy enough.

Chaos Lee said...

Give us a clarification on what the hell this is, and I may be interested. I have elevated being a bastard to a high art form, after all.

Dana Hunter said...

@PZ (I can't believe I'm saying @PZ!) - You are absolutely bastardly enough, and you may have July as long as John Pieret accepts a later month. I kinda already offered him July, and well, even for you, can't just say HA HA HA Just Kidding John!

You have no idea how excited I am to have you as a captain!

@Chaos - I'll accept ye, mate, and I'll send you an email soon explaining this whole hosting thing. If anyone else is in the same boat of confusion, let me know and I'll throw together an explanatory post.

Blake Stacey said...

Let's see. . . August looks far enough away that I can feel safe announcing my desire to host then.

Dana Hunter said...

Blake, you're on! And so's PZ. I think we're close to a full compliment of capitans... just have to figure out which lucky Elitist Bastard gets hit with June, so if anyone wants to take the immediate plunge, speak up!