04 June, 2008

Note to Hillary: Get the Fuck Over It

Last night, Obama effectively clinched the Democratic nomination, becoming the first black man to ever have a real shot at the nation's highest office. The news doesn't seem to have reached Hillary Clinton:

For nearly a year and a half, the biggest hurdle between Obama and the nomination was Hillary Clinton. Now that the race is over and Obama’s the nominee, his next biggest challenge is still Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, for those of us expecting a graceful farewell speech, Clinton’s remarks were a bit of a curveball. It was almost as if news of Obama’s victory hadn’t reached them yet. McAuliffe introduced her as the “next president of the United States.” Clinton congratulated Obama, not for winning, but for running a great race. At one point she said, “No matters what happens in this race…” as if the race remains unresolved. Clinton added that she would be “consulting with supporters and party leaders, to determine how to move forward,” as if she was still pondering how to launch a comeback. Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” played as Clinton smiled and waved. The Clinton campaign sent an email to supporters referring to the campaign in the present tense.

As Dana Goldstein put it, “The more I think about it, the more it seems that Hillary’s entire speech was manufactured to rile up her supporters — instead of priming them to shift their allegiance to Obama. Yes, there’s a situation with Michigan and Florida. But is it really fair for Clinton to claim that her 18 million supporters nationwide have been made ‘invisible?’ Who’s supposed to be the bad guy here, scary Howard Dean? Clinton is offering more fighting rhetoric. But the fight should be over.”

This is getting fucking pathological. It seems the little switch in Hillary's brain marked, "You've Lost, Retreat and Fight Another Day" is broken. She's displaying the same spectacular disconnect from reality that Bush, McCain et al suffer. She really is the psycho ex-girlfriend of the Democratic Party. She's become something of a stalker. Obsessive letters and escalating odd behavior may not be far behind.

I have some advice for her:

Get the fuck over it, Hillary. You lost. You can lose without being a loser, but this fighting-a-losing-battle bullshit makes you look fucking pathetic. You've already flushed your reputation, your husband's reputation, and everybody else's good will down the toilet. It's now working its way through the sewer system with the rest of the shit, and if you don't do something to turn things around, your reputation and every good thing you've ever done is going to end up in the same cesspool that Bush and Cheney inhabit. Everyone except for your batshit insane true believers hates you now, even those of us who liked you in the beginning. You need to stop looking like a psychotic Republicon wanna-be with a liberal platform and start looking like a fucking Democrat. The path to redemption starts with admitting you came this close, you lost, and it's time to move the fuck on.

You'll be happier. We'll be happier. This country will be better off. Just let it the fuck go. Fight another election.

Or just join McCain's campaign as his Veep. You two psychos would be perfect for each other.


Mike at The Big Stick said...

I don't understand the way libs have turned on her. Two years ago she was your darling. Her positions haven't changed.I don't get it.

Webs said...

Great job of not only insulting all liberals, but also lumping all of us into the same group. Congrats on telling me why I do not have to listen to you.

Dana Hunter said...

@PC: The reason some (not all) liberals have turned on Hillary is that she's displayed a rather disturbing Republicon streak. By this, I mean her inability to separate reality from fantasy, her tendency to resort to dirty tricks and cry prejudice when she's not getting her way, and her utterly pathological need for power. Those things were not in evidence, or at least not as glaringly obvious, before she ran for President. Her positions have no bearing on the matter. We assess not only a person's positions, but a person's conduct. I hope this answers your question. It's rather sad you didn't get this from the post, but then again, I wouldn't be all that surprised if you hadn't read past the headline, judging from the general quality of your comments lately.

@Webs: Seconded.

NP said...

I think my sister-in-law has the right idea--get rid of the people and let the animals take over things again.

Anonymous said...

Not only has Hilary displayed un-sportsman like conduct, her supporters are crying national misogyny. As far as I'm concerned the Clintons have served their country and it's time for new blood.

Dana Hunter said...

@Karen: Too fucking right! Although we're losing a prime opportunity for an awesome bumper sticker (courtesy of Garrett):

"It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush"

Or something like that. 'Twas funny. Not funny enough to deal with Hillary's drama. I wish her followers would get one important point: it's not misogyny unless you define "misogyny" as "misogynistic towards one specific woman."

As my stepmother once said, "It would be great to have a woman in the White House. Just not that one."

@NP - Which animals did your sister-in-law have in mind?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting so late on this, Dana. (I just found your site through PZ's Pharyngula).

I think you are 100% correct. What disturbs the hell out of me is that so few of the Hillary contingent didn't seem much bothered that a person (or campaign), who can't read the writing on the wall (or the chiseled words in stone) over a period of several MONTHS, and who thereby placed her campaign into a financial situation similar to what the country is experiencing now because of the OTHER ostrich who sees nothing but visions in HIS head (because it's in a hole), can possibly be construed as a competent heads-up leader.

We already HAVE one of those. How can they justify wanting more of that?

Meanwhile, Obama for decent motives as well as strategic ones, no doubt, as since offered to help her out financially.

YET, a poll result released today shows that about a quarter of Hillary supporters are so miffed or so creeped out at the prospect of having a black man with a strange name in the White House that they have declared their preference for that flip-flopping incompetent crash-prone navy pilot with the endearing marble-filled smile.

Oh, and as for PC's comment at the head of this thread? Funny that it should mention that Hillary's position hasn't changed, when McCain's position changes as often as there are issues.

From what I've read, I'm delighted to be a devoted reader from now on. Keep it up.