02 June, 2008

Hello, You!

I knew something was up when Sitemeter went batshit insane. Dana, I said to meself, I think the Pharyngulites have arrived.

Checked referrals. Sure enough, it was you. Hello, you!

A Blog Around the Clock picked us up as well. Hello to you, too!

I'd like to turn the floor over to Rowan Atkinson for A Warm Welcome:

Your response has been overwhelming, and overwhelmingly encouraging. When the HMS Elitist Bastard sails once more, it seems we'll be going forward with a fleet. I can't wait to have you aboard! My swarthy crew and I will be honored to have you all as shipmates.

Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor. I'm sure you know by the entries, but each and every one of my crew members deserves all the recognition they can get. I'm stealing this opportunity to say, publically and as profoundly as I can, how much I appreciate them.

They made this happen. Without their enthusiasm, their effort, and their encouragement, there never would have been a Carnival of the Elitist Bastards. From graphics to random quote generators to excellent elitist entries, from plugging the Carnival to putting their backs into hoisting the sails, they've done an amazing amount of work. And they believed.

Even the atheists. After all, while we don't believe in gods, we sure as hell believe in each other.

They believed in the purpose behind this Carnival: to take back the word "elite," to glory in brainpower, to celebrate intellect and resist ignorance. And I do believe we're going to be victorious, even if the battle is a long and bitter one.

I believe this because I believe in them.

The best thing about writing this blog isn't the chance to pull the Smack-o-Matic off the wall and let myself go. That's fun, don't get me wrong. But it's nothing compared to what's ultimately happened because of it: it's the people who come here, who comment, who help me create carnivals and have so much fun running with ideas, who make this so rewarding.

I've met some of the best people in the world doing this.

I know I'll meet many more.

Hello, you. Mi casa es su casa. Come on in, pour yourself a drink, and join us when we set sail again next month.

Special thanks and a tip o' the premium tequila (or drink of their choice!) to PZ Myers and Coturnix for their spectacular shout-outs!

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