24 June, 2008

I Get to Live TAM6 Vicariously Through Others, Part the First

Yeah. So while I spent my weekend losing sleep and calling politicians in a vain attempt to talk them out of FISA fuckery, some people were in Vegas having the time of their lives at TAM6. JC.

This is what did it. This is what sent me over the edge. I missed this??? I missed a presentation that included this slide? GAH!

Not to mention James Randi....

...And freakin' Adam Savage. *sniffle*

Damn it.

That's it.

I'm going next year. I don't care that it'll be TAM7 (and you all know how I feel about sevens). Until then, however, I must simply live the awesomeness vicariously through JC, who has promised me a full report. Far better than not living it at all...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The slide was actually from Phil Plait's presentaion... very cool!

TAM7 people, are you in?