16 August, 2009

Careful What You Wish For, Wingers

Phoenix Woman at Firedoglake has an excellent primer for any right wing nutjobs contemplating violence as a means to obtaining their ends:
In the comments thread of this fine post by bmaz on 21st-Century Hate in the USA, bobschacht worried out loud about the possible consequences of the fanning of the flames of right-wing and racist hatred:

Now that Bush is no longer in office, and we have a non-White President who campaigned on a platform of change, Republicans are stoking the fires of fear because circumstances have forced President Obama to tackle ten problems at once, each one knee-capped by the Bush administration. But the cumulative effect is to raise the prospect of wholesale change, upsetting the Status Quo and threatening the Domestic Security of the people who identified with the previous ruling class.


It will be a miracle if President Obama makes it through his presidential term(s) alive.

Well, as I told him, this is what I tell wingnuts who I suspect of fantasizing about committing grievous bodily harm against President Obama, Democrats, or non-wingnuts in general:

Remember how we got the Great Society? Aka New Deal II?

That was when JFK got martyred in a city known to be a hotbed of right-wing racist extremism. The guy who took over for JFK turned out to be much more progressive than JFK ever was, much to the dismay of the right-wing nutjobs who’d put up all those “WANTED for TREASON” posters all over Dallas in the first weeks of November, 1963.

Remember how Bill Clinton got re-elected in 1996, two years after the Republicans — backed by a media that they or their arch-conservative financiers had increasingly bought up, bought off or scared off from honest reporting?

That happened when some of your buddies in a right-wing Michigan militia thought it would be a neat idea to murder 168 government employees and their children by blowing up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. [See also the picture in this post.]

Do you all really want to go for the trifecta here?

Let us hope that their overheated little brains can grasp the law of unintended consequences before someone gets hurt.

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Efrique said...

If the right wing goes completely off their collective gourd (and they're pretty close already), maybe an actual progressive will end up as the next president.

A black, female lesbian progressive, the adopted child of Al Franken and Ted Kennedy*, because the resulting Con brain explosions would be like a Jackson Pollock in vermilion.

(I'd have liked to put Dianne Feinstein in there for Kennedy so I could squeeze a Franken-(Fein)stein gag in, but she's not progressive enough.)