12 August, 2009

Maddow Spanks 60 Plus Ass.

Whilst watching The Daily Show the other night, I saw an ad run by some outfit called the 60 Plus Association calculated to scare the Depends off seniors. I figured it would take less than two days for them to be exposed as right-wing corporate shills, and I was correct. Rachel Maddow takes 'em down:

All you need to know: they're funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

They're linked to Bonner & Ass., otherwise known as the Big Fat Fucking Frauds.

And they're disgusting little assholes:
Check out this brutal new mailing dropped in Nebraska by an anti-reform right wing group called the 60 Plus Association, which depicts elderly patients as depressed and languishing from lack of attention and care (click to enlarge):

This is kind of a new frontier in the scare campaign targeting old folks: It links the prediction of drastic Medicare cuts to the widely-debunked claim that health care reform will lead to mass government euthanasia of the elderly.
SourceWatch has more.

Shouldn't this kind of fearmongering for corporate profit be considered elder abuse? They're preying on defenseless old folk. That's so not right.

We need to pass health care reform for a ton of right reasons. There's the reasons Obama enumerated:

And I have to say, this is personal for Lori but it's also personal for me. I talked about this when I was campaigning up here in New Hampshire. I will never forget my own mother, as she fought cancer in her final months, having to worry about whether her insurance would refuse to pay for her treatment. And by the way, this was because the insurance company was arguing that somehow she should have known that she had cancer when she took her new job -- even though it hadn't been diagnosed yet. So if it could happen to her, it could happen to any one of us.

And I've heard from so many Americans who have the same worries. One woman testified that an insurance company would not cover her internal organs because of an accident she had when she was five years old. Think about that -- that covers a lot of stuff. (Laughter.) They're only going to cover your skin. (Laughter.) Dermatology, that's covered; nothing else. (Laughter.)

Another lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because the insurance company discovered he had gall stones that he hadn't known about when he applied for insurance. Now, that is wrong, and that will change when we pass health care reform. That is going to be a priority. (Applause.)

Under the reform we're proposing, insurance companies will be prohibited from denying coverage because of a person's medical history. Period.
There's those folks, and the uninsured folks who have to line up for Remote Area Medical by the hundreds of thousands, and there's the folks who are one major illness away from bankruptcy even with good health insurance. All of those are good reasons for passing health care reform.

But doing it to spite these disgusting little shits who spend all their industry cash targeting seniors with outright lies is also an excellent reason.

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