17 August, 2009

Dana Perino Misunderstands Equivalence

Looks like Perino hasn't spent any time improving her mind since being Bush's spinner:

Always willing to milk every possible drop out of an Obama scandal, even one of their own imagination, Fox News host Martha McCallum asks Bush's former Press Secretary Dana Perino--a highly impartial source, to be sure--if sending out "unsolicited" emails is a problem for the Obama White House.

Of course, the ever-so-concerned Perino thinks it is, and of course, thinks the Obama White House is getting a free ride on it:

PERINO: Imagine this: imagine if it was three years ago, and all of the sudden, people across the country who, unsolicited, started getting emails from Karl Rove. The media would have gone ballistic. They would have demanded answers, and I would have felt obligated to give some. And I think that standard should be….that the Obama administration should be held to the same standard. I know that if I all of the sudden started getting emails, I would wonder how did they get my email address. People get your email address through various ways, but when it’s the White House Political Advisor, it’s a little bit different and kind of creepy.

Honestly, I'm not sure what the big deal is. I got an email from David Axelrod myself. It was hardly unsolicited, as I know that the Obama administration kept their campaign email list, of which I was also a part.


But the attempt to claim that the mean ol' media would have beaten up on poor, persecuted Karl Rove for a similar infraction is laughable on its face. Karl Rove LOST FOURTEEN MILLION EMAILS which could potentially have implicated him in a whole host of infractions and the media yawned. Rove was improperly using his RNC email address to avoid the oversight law demands, and the media shrugged. Karl Rove had his stubby, sticky little paws in sandbagging Don Siegelman, the fired US Attorneys and the media didn't say boo. In fact, the media was so deep in the pocket of the Bush administration that they were part of the reason that the Valerie Plame investigation didn't go further than Scooter Libby.

She failed all of the "one of these things is not like the other" tests in school, didn't she?


Woozle said...

If I had received an email [ostensibly] from Karl Rove, my first thought would have been "Hey, whoa, someone in the Bush Administration actually GIVES A FUCK WHAT I THINK??"

I mean, even if there was no way to respond back, at least I'd have known that he cared enough to be trying to influence my thinking by his own words, rather than through media manipulation.

...which is how I would have known right away that it was a forgery.

More emails from administration officials, please. And blogs. And, hey, why aren't there any official government wikis yet?

konquererz said...

Funny how all these Bush morons are suddenly concerned about the president doing the right thing now. Hmm, I don't recall them caring to much about this when they were assisting in lying to the public, committing war crimes, and illegally spying on the population....

Cujo359 said...

Dana needs to get herself up to speed on the era of electronic communications. It costs very little more to send out a million copies of an e-mail than it does to send out one. It's not like they have to hire hundreds of staffers to lick stamps.