24 August, 2009

Ha Ha Fuck You Spammers!

Cujo's had a brainwave for dealing with those idiotic spam comments that've been popping up on old posts lately:
For three or four months now, I've been putting comments to articles that are older than 31 days into moderation. I've now changed that to be 14 days. The only reason I'm doing this is to deal with the increase in spam comments that have been showing up here recently. Please feel free to comment on older articles if you wish.
We shall follow the same policy here at the cantina. Not many of you comment on elderly posts anyway, but if the mood strikes you, comment away. Spammers get bounced, but the rest of you are welcome to drink here.

If you feel like joining the anti-spam brigade, Cujo's got instructions and screenshots for Blogger up at his place.

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