24 August, 2009

How... Sad.

George at Decrepit Old Fool is depressed. So am I. And it's all because we got 100% on a science quiz.

My darlings, I may have scored better than 90% of the public, but that gives me no joy. You know why?

Because the questions were so simple a caveman should've been able to answer them. They included brain-puzzlers such as:

Electrons are smaller than atoms:


What gas do most scientists believe causes temperatures in the atmosphere to rise?

Carbon dioxide
How are we supposed to feel all super-superior and stuff when that's the level of difficulty? I'd feel proud of my results if I were better than, oh, say, 5% of the country. But to be in the top 10% with questions that bloody simple - that's like beating a bunch of drunk people at coordination tests. It's bloody meaningless, is what it is. A Pyrrhic victory of sorts.

Still. At least George and I didn't have to deal with the humilation of failing the damned thing...


Andre Vienne said...

Good lord. I had to see the rest of the questions, just to make sure. The one about radioactivity almost made me rage-quit the quiz. Because I know good and well that for some folks, they sure as hell wouldn't be able to get that one.

Efrique said...

Yeah, I did that one a few days back.

There's no way only 10% of people should be getting them all.

It's very scary