11 August, 2009

Trend's Mostly Holding

Looks like the scare-mongers are having a rough time rallying the mob in some places. Mike Stark reports on Rep. Tom Perriello's town hall:

Perriello arrived to the auditorium to a smattering of applause. This applause was quickly drowned out by about twice as many boos. Soon enough, everyone settled down and Perriello started taking questions.

Of the ten or so people that got to ask questions, only one that I remember was supportive of health care reform. Perriello answered each and every question by validating the questioners concerns and providing the best answer he could. His sincerity and decency was unmistakable.

At the end of the presentation, the crowd left with nothing but cheers. Not a catcall or boo was heard. Sure, many may have been silent, and some may have fumed that they could not change the Congressman’s mind, but… they seemed to have a new respect — a respect for Perriello that they hadn’t arrived with.

I chatted with a lot of the same people I spoke with before the town hall. I couldn’t find a person willing to say a bad word about the Congressman. Many still vehemently disagreed with his policies, but nobody I spoke with harbored animosity toward the man.

And that, my darlings, is how democracy's supposed to work.

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