25 August, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Alas, due to the over-abundance of stupid and my computer's continuing argument with one of its drivers, I haven't time for the premium snark. Allow me to subject you to a link-fest instead.

First, the Blue Dogs and packmates who really need some obedience training.
Sen. Kent Conrad would like us to believe that less is more. Steve Benen translates: "It's likely that means legislation that costs "significantly" less and does "significantly" less." North Dakota Dems may want to have a little chat with Conrad. Bring your Smack-o-Matic.

Sen. Max Baucus, faced with liberal wrath, doth protest too much when he declaims, "I want a public option, too!" Tell it to Olympia Snowe, you fucktard. Comes to that, tell it to Max Baucus circa April 2009.

Rep. Jim Cooper starts a pissing match with Kos after a Research 2000 poll shows him with 16% approval. Of course, he cherry-picks the parts of the poll he likes. Then he rushes Rove off the list of invited guests for his little health care powow. Coinkydink? I think not.
On to the insurance industry, which seems to get more nefarious with every passing day.
They've mobilized 50,000 employees against the public option, which shows their Achilles heel.

We need to strike at it fast, because they're awfully pleased with co-ops and other features of the bill that promise to deliver them a fat fucking windfall. When insurance companies are happy, Americans should cry.

And funny how their stock is rising now that the public option's in trouble... Bottom line: if it's good for their bottom line, it's bad for us.
Finally, our usual fun with Cons.
Sen. Orrin Hatch lies and lies again. Funny how Cons never worry about being fact-checked on national teevee.

Michael Steele was for Medicare cuts before he was against them. His comically wrong little op-ed gets its ass thoroughly taken downtown by Media Matters. And Greg Sargent has fun demonstrating how Steele's hip and with-it arguments were cutting-edge - back in the 60s.
And this has nothing to do with health care, but is the best quote evah on the current condition of the GOP:
Such is the state of the GOP that the guy who thinks he wears magic underwear is NOT CRAZY ENOUGH for the base.
Somebody call for the crash cart...

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