28 August, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

The next time you wonder where utterly outrageous Con lies come from, look no further than the RNC:
The Columbian reports today that Raymond Denny, a 64-year old man from La Center, Washington, recieved a thirteen-question survey in the mail from the RNC, and that one of the questions implied that the health care reform bills before Congress would purposely discriminate against people who affiliated with the Republican Party:

And the sad thing is, people swallow this shit.

Steve Benen has further lowlights. I'm frankly afraid to look at the whole thing. Makes me even more sympathetic to the town hall attendee who spanked McCain hard.

Speaking of spankings, Greta van Susteren whacked Michael Steele right over the noggin with the $64 million-dollar question: "But can you sort of, you know -- you know, bring me in on the secret why the Republicans didn't do health care reform when they owned the House, the Senate and the White House?"

Ouch. Very ouch.

Speaking of very ouch, let's talk about Blue Dogs and pwnage. First, to understand them, we should look at the money - the over 1/2 of their campaign contributions that have come from the health care industry, to be exact. That could be one explanation for their fucktarded stance on health care reform, which is poised to make the insurance industry billions while fucking over the rest of us. But Rep. Pete Stark believes the fact they're brain dead is also relevant.

One can only imagine what he thinks of the 13 Dem Senators wavering or dead set against meaningful health care reform. And I know precisely what I think of Baucus's self-serving lies about the late, great Sen. Kennedy. I think Max should be called out as a lying sack of shit and then voted out of a job.

In the meantime, impossible as it seems, John Stossel has managed to make an even more colossal idiot of himself. He's actually stated, in public and for the record, that “There will be death panels if we do nothing” about Medicare. This was after calling Medicare a Ponzi scheme. I wonder how many seniors watch ABC? I wonder how long it will take for ABC to realize that a dumbshit spouting lies about Medicare and death panels might not be good for business? ABC, after all, is not Faux News.

For those in any doubt that our system needs reforming, I refer you now to Susie Madrak's ongoing adventures with our vaunted health care system. You want to talk about rationing, waits, and bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor? Her ankle simply requires surgery to repair it. Ask her why it's taken over two years and still no surgery.

Or, if your heart is hardened toward human hard-luck stories, you might want to look in to why the lolcat community is also suffering:

While you're there, sign on to support meaningful health care reform that includes a robust public option. Nothing less.

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