12 August, 2009

NC Cons Don't Know Hawaii's a State

For people who claim to love America, these folks surely don't know much about it:

A new survey of North Carolina by Public Policy Polling (D) finds that only 54% of the state's voters say President Obama was born in the United states, with 26% saying he was not and another 20% not sure.


It gets better, with PPP asking this question: "Do you consider Hawaii to be part of the United States?" Here it's 92% saying yes, 5% saying no, and 3% not sure. Among Republicans, 88% say Hawaii is a part of America, to 7% who say it is not, and 4% aren't sure. [emphasis added]

There you have it. 11% of North Carolina Cons are unclear on Hawaii's status as a state. And you know what the saddest part is? North Carolina's one of the most liberal states in the Bible Belt.

I hope Kos has Research 2000 ask this question in the Deep South. The results are sure to be pathetic, but hilarious.

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