21 June, 2010

I Am Sitting in my Chair

All of my books for my geology research are 18 inches away, and I can't reach them.  My legs ache from being in one position too long.  And I want a smokie but can't go outside to smoke it.  Am I:

a) Suffering from broken arms and legs

b) Too damned lazy

c) A cat owner


IcyCool said...

A Cat Owner

Anonymous said...

Well said

Nicole said...

I vote cat owner.

Karen said...

Never mind the cat, where are the geology pics????!!!!

Cujo359 said...

It must be either A or B. No one owns a cat. You feed them, clean their bathroom, and take them to the vet, and if they like you, they'll continue to live with you.

If your will is strong, they won't own you. That's the top status you can hope for.