08 June, 2010

Worse Than Christmas

So I get home tonight, and there's a package on my doorstep.

It's the memory card.


Memory card, no camera.  Why oh why couldn't it have been the camera that shipped from a local vendor and the memory card coming from freaking Indiana?  Wah wah wah!  I mean, I've already read the owner's manual online, I'm ready to hold this baby in my hands and start pointing and shooting furiously.  And I would've been today, only Kit's Cameras has been out of that model for a month, they tell me.  So much for buying locally.

It's worse than waiting for Christmas, I tell you.

Ah, well.  Gives me more time to clear up space on my pathetic 55 gig hard drive to fit all the pretty pictures I'm sure to have soon...

1 comment:

george.w said...

Akkk! You're storing your pictures on a local hard drive? Please at least start burning them to DVD and putting them in disk albums, and uploading the best of them to Flicker or Picasa or something...