21 June, 2010

I Can Haz Bodhisattva Power!

Whelp, didn't make it to SAAM for the reprise today, as some of the friends we were going with put our fathers above art for some strange reason.  That's okay, because my house needed serious excavation after two weeks of neglect.  And we can haz SAAM fun anyway!  Our own George W. sent me this reinterpretation of my meeting with Guaynin:

In the immortal words of Happy Jihad, that cracks my shit up.  Thank you, George!

Speaking of George's mad photography skillz, we can expect quite a bit more awesomeness emanating from his blog, because his new baby's here, and she's performing beautifully:

That's just too cool for words.

If you've been contemplating a Canon G11, or just want to see some wonderful photography, be sure to visit the link.

While we're at it, if any of you have any particular mad skillz of yours you'd like me to highlight here, please do send them on so I can spotlight you.  It can be something you've already posted, or something never-before-seen.  I love seeing your talents.  So show 'em off!

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