25 June, 2010

More Rose Gardens, a Peony, and a Truce

My intrepid companion has decided you needed to see more of the International Rose Test Garden than just the roses, so there you are: more roses!  And a few other things to boot - don't forget to visit his site for more than rose gardens.

Now, if he wants to make this a real war o' the roses, well, we totally can.  I only snapped about a gajillion pictures, thee knows.  Like when I got bored ogling roses and wandered down to the amphitheater for a bit:

Yes, roses even there, I'm afraid.  But there was also an interesting staircase made of rocks rather than roses, so that made me happy:

And with that, I'm calling a truce.  Of course, if Cujo wants to post more pretty pictures, I doubt any of us will argue.

Speaking of pretty pictures, Suzanne's peony's obliging:

She takes the most lovely photos of Netarts Bay, and having been by there, I can see precisely why she loves living in the area.  There's plenty more where that comes from, too, so do enjoy!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

thanks for the link dana. it was great seeing you and cujo when ya were passing through.

looking forward to seeing ya again.