19 September, 2010

Accretionary Wedges

The geologically inclined among ye have got a couple of very important deadlines coming up!  First is September's Accretionary Wedge, to be hosted at Outside the Interzone:
...the topic I settled on is "What is the most important geological experience you've had?" The key word there is "important," and the real task is going to be figuring out what that means for you. It may (or may not) be something that led you to the discipline (Note that August 2009's AW was "Inspiration," what inspired us to get into geology, and this isn't really intended to be a repeat of that, though for some, it might be.), or a class, or a work experience, or a field experience. It might have been a puzzle or problem solved, or job landed, a degree completed. Perhaps it was something else entirely. It could have been an awful, disastrous experience from which you learned an important lesson. Maybe it's still in your future- something you're looking forward to. Additionally, explain why it was important. Was it something you'd recommend to others?
Lockwood reports there's still room for more, so getcher entries in by September 27th.

Already done?  Great!  Get a jump on October's AW:
October's theme is going to be "Desk-crops." This can be any rock or other geological* specimen that you have lying around your office/desk/lab that has a story to tell. The spookier the better. Photos and/or illustrations are very important (although not absolutely required). This is taken directly from Ron Schott's "deskrcop series" of his rocks and such - great examples of what I had in mind with the theme (but not the only way to skin this horse).
If your submission's submitted past the October 29th deadline, one of two things might happen to it: Trick or Treat.  Take a wild guess as to which.

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