15 September, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

It's weird.  Cons are getting their arses kicked in primary after primary by batshit fucking insane freaks, and yet they seem to have this overconfidence problem.  They're utterly positive they're going to win big in November.  So positive, it seems, that they have no qualms showing their true colors.

They're throwing something of an orgy.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but it seems they're relishing some corporate dick-sucking.  Why, today, Cons voted in lockstep to keep very burdensome IRS reporting requirements in place for small businesses.  Is it because they're throwing a tantrum over their pet proposed fix having gone down in flames?  No.  It seems they threw a tantrum because the sensible fix would have reduced subsidies to oil companies.  That's right.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes will find themselves struggling to satisfy the tax man, but that's okay to these Cons, because we couldn't possibly pull oil companies' mouths away from the public money fire hose.

How that one squares with Teabagger anti-IRS rhetoric is a mystery to me.  Feel free to speculate.

Then we had Sen. Johanns telling small businesses they "need another loan like they need a kick in the pants."  This must be a thrilling statement to all those small businesses needing loans so they can expand, meet payroll and all that. 

Sen. Mitch McConnell's been in rare form.  He made this incredible statement:
"We can't let the people who've been hit hardest by this recession and who we need to create the jobs that will get us out of it foot the bill for the Democrats' two-year adventure in expanded government."
Now, considering that the only people who are going to see any sort of tax cut expiration under the Dems' plan are those who are already making a shitload of money, that's a pretty amazing thing to say.  "Hit hardest"?  Why, according to Mitch McConnell, those of you who've lost your jobs altogether, who are struggling to put food on the table, who are losing your homes to foreclosure, you're all doing just fine.  It's those poor rich people who maybe can't afford the third mansion and the yacht who're really suffering.

And as if that belief isn't amazing enough, he also believes it's a good idea for Cons to fight against tax breaks for the middle class.  If the filthy rich can't keep their tax cuts, McConnell's reasoning goes, then the middle class and the poor can go fuck themselves and lose theirs, too.  Interesting.  I wonder what the Taxed-Enough-Already crowd will have to say when their tax bill comes up and it's all Mitch's fault?  He must be counting on their native stupidity to help him sell the idea it's all the Dems' fault.  And while I'll admit Teabaggers can look and act pretty fucking stupid, I'm not sure they're quite that stupid.  Dangerous game you're playing there, Mitch.  And while you might fool all of the Teabaggers some of the time, I think you're going to find the swing voters taking a swing away from you and yours if this little stunt succeeds.  They may be pissed at Dems for, well, nearly everything just now, but when the Cons in Congress so blatantly stand with the rich against the middle class, not to mention directly affect the middle-class pocketbook, well, those angry independents might discover they're not all that pissed off Dems after all.

I know that Dems are the champions in turning a winning situation into a losing one, but it seems like the Cons are scrambling hard to match up.

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