05 September, 2010

Give Me Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your Unappreciated Animals

Because I haz plans for them.

Seriously.  Doing up vultures made me realize there's probably gobs and oodles of blue-collar animals out there who deserve some recognition.  So this winter, we shall be doing a Blue-Collar Animal Tour.  This means we need blue-collar animals.

Thanks to Lockwood and Chaos Lee, we've got a list started, which includes


But there've got to be bajillions more.  So lay 'em on me.  If it's ugly, unglamorous, bothersome, noisome, rude, obnoxious, boring, common as muck, or otherwise unwelcome, I want it.  I'll even take awesome animals if they're virtually unknown.

Bring them to me, my darlings.


Silver Fox said...

Badgers, starlings.

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

Wild turkeys.

Woozle said...

Doves. You know -- those birds that seem to think getting out of the way of an oncoming car isn't something they usually have to do.

Cockroaches -- who apparently live outside the house but make a point of coming inside to leave droppings and egg sacs.

Republicans -- those critters who crap all over your Constitution while wrapping themselves up in it. ...Oh wait, you meant non-human, didn't you. I suppose they are technically human, though sometimes it's difficult to tell. Still, if you can find something good to say about them, go for it!

Mosquitoes: not as bad as Republicans (and they don't suck quite as much of your lifeblood), but more annoying on an immediate level.

Hope that's useful.

Dana Hunter said...

Karen - I hope you subscribe to comments and that this gets to you. Tell me you're alive after all that explodey stuff in Bruno!