17 September, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

The reasons for a special Friday Dumbfuckery are two.  Firstly, I'll be abandoning all you all for Oregon, which means no fresh pollyticks till Wednesday at the earliest.  Secondly, and most importantly, both of the following items made me pound my desk with mirth.  So I figured you should enjoy yourselves as well.

Firstly, please welcome our next great candidate from Delaware.  Teabaggers gifted us not only with Christine O'Donnell, whose insanity is exhaustively cataloged here, but chose Glen Urquhart for the House:
And just to get a sense of what kind of congressional candidate Glen Urquhart is, note that he believes the notion of separation of church and state was crafted, not by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, but by Adolf Hitler. He recently told voters, "[The] next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of church and state, ask them why they're Nazis."

PPP's Dean Debnam noted this week, "Delaware has really worked out well for Democrats."

Heh.  No shit, eh?

You may, at this point, be wondering how one could possibly follow that up (if you're not too busy contemplating why you're a Nazi, that is).  Well, there's really only one way to do it:
The International House of Prayer, an “end times” ministry based in Kansas City, Missouri, is being sued by a pancake restaurant which claims that it has already staked a claim to the “IHOP” acronym:
The International House of Pancakes has a filed a lawsuit against a Kansas City, Mo.-based religious group that calls itself the International House of Prayer over the acronym “IHOP.”

Amusingly, because trademark infringement cases often come down to whether the defendant’s use of the plaintiff’s mark is likely to cause confusion” between the two parties, this case could turn upon whether anyone is likely to confuse a church with a pancake joint.
My friend Sean believes that it will all come down to whether IHOP (the church one) also hosts pancake breakfasts.

And, just in case you haven't topped up on stupidity yet, the Texas Board of Education [sic] is at it again.  This time, they have become upset because Muslim beliefs are mentioned more in Christian beliefs in textbooks that Texas students haven't used since 2003. 

I can hardly wait to see what the right wing comes up with next.  It's said that if you don't laugh at these idiots, you'll cry, but I've just ended up laughing so hard I cried anyway. 

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Atheanon said...

Urquhart like Francis, the deliciously evil bastard from the BBC adaptation of "House of Cards"?