16 September, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

Primary Day is a very dangerous day.

In Delaware, the Teabagging hoardes overthrew the sometimes-sane Mike Castle in favor of a candidate who believes there's just as much evidence supporting Young Earth Creationism as there is evolution, says condoms can't stop AIDS, thinks coed dorms will lead to "orgy rooms", and wouldn't have lied to Nazis to save a Jew.  Among other insanity.  At least she'll be entertaining, but I hope to fuck the people in Delaware are smart enough not to let the Teabaggers propel this moron to victory.

In New York, Teabaggers ensured Andrew Cuomo faces off against a man whose pasttimes include sending out racist, pornographic emails, and who thinks the poor belong in prison.

You probably heard quite a bit of screaming Tuesday night.  That was because the Dems were screaming for joy, unable to believe their luck, while Republican Party officials were howling, "We have to support what?"  The Republican slate of candidates is now almost exclusively filled with freaks, lunatics, and incredibly fucking stupid people, and Cons know that once the non-Teabagging cadre of voters gets a good look at what's on offer, they might run screaming to the other party no matter how disillusioned they've become.  What was supposed to be a banner year for the Cons is rapidly turning in to a test of the Cons' ability to sell insanity to the sane.  The NRSC and others don't seem to be terribly happy about it.

To which Steve Benen says, "Reap what you sow, you silly fuckers. Suck it!"  Although he puts it in somewhat more polite terms.

I hope you had a few metric tons of popcorn and several thousand gallons of butter handy, my darlings.  We shall need it this fall.

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george.w said...

I'm not breaking out the popcorn just yet; how much evidence is there today that "crazy" equals "un-electable"?

I keep thinking about Nehemiah Scudder... elected President in 2012.