14 September, 2010

Geological Humor. Plus, Choices.

Woozle has been a cherished patron of this cantina since very nearly the moment it opened.  Whilst I was away viewing non-flaming geysers, he left this note:
...and on a completely different tack, some geological humor for you

I clicked the link.  I viewed link.  I read the link.  A giggle grew to a guffaw, and then an outburst of laughter that left the cat rather disgruntled.  I would have screamed, "I love you, Woozle!" but the neighbors might've objected, seeing as how it's after midnight.

My darlings, you must go read

There's more.  There's far more.  And yes, it does get exciting.

As if Woozle wasn't enough, Karen made me blush, shuffle my feet, mumble "aw, shucks," and want to give her a hug fit to crack her ribs.  Mind you, this was after I'd jumped up and down screaming "She's alllliiiivvvveee!"  Worried about my Bay-area readers after that whole San Bruno thing, y'know.

Now, since I was off chasing after mythical flaming geysers all day, I didn't visit so much as one political blog, therefore no Dumbfuckery du Jour.  However, when I got to my intrepid companion's house, I found he'd taken care of the situation for us.  Let's just say that, although I'd nearly gotten squished by a couple of idiot drivers on the freeway and had just discovered my camera was safely home over thirty miles away, I still ended up laughing my ass off.  Cujo does an excellent job trivializing the trivial, so consider his post our Dumbfuckery du Jour.

And, finally, I missed #womeninscience.  Whoops!  Allow me to make some amends by pointing you to Anne's post at Highly Allochthonous, and this old post o' mine celebrating some unsung women of science.

So, raise a glass to all the wonderful women in science, and then raise another to yourselves.  You all make my day, each and every day. 


Woozle said...

Now that's more the reaction I was hoping for when I first published the thing... in a small, liberal newspaper in Athens, GA in 1993-ish.

I mean, at least one good guffaw.

Got crickets.

Oh well, if it takes 17 years to get a reaction, then that's what it takes...

Credit where credit is due: the concept of Clarence the Rock was inspired by a doodle in a letter* sent to me by Matthew Henry.

* Actually, when I say "letter", I don't mean one of those things where people write stuff using alphabetic characters; I mean a piece of paper with some drawings on it, some of which contain alphabetic characters. And sometimes non-alphabetic characters. And sometimes alphabetic characters distorted in interesting ways so that you have to tilt the page almost on edge in order to even recognize that there are, in fact, alphabetic characters.

Incidentally... Matthew now lives in Seattle (well... as of May 2006, at least), and we haven't been able to raise a response from him on email for quite some time. Maybe you'd be interested in stal... er, tracking him down? <grin>

Lyle said...

Clarence reminds me of the pet rock craze a few years ago. Unfortunatly I have not found a good piece of Basalt or Gabbro for mine. (Like it to have an exciting past). A pet rock is of course a good thing, requiring little care, unless it is halite when you can't let it get wet.
Pet rocks of a large enough size also make excellent door stops.