02 September, 2010

Thank You All

Those of you who recommended books have earned a free drink when next you're in Seattle.  Not that I wasn't going to buy you one anyway, but you'll have an extra on the table.

My order has been placed.  It is, in fact, sitting in the office right now, and at the moment I'm debating whether to stay up until 9am to collect, or try to sleep for a while first.  It's worse than Christmas as a kid, I swear. 

My bank account's sulking, and gave a little scream when it noticed I'd put extra stuff on the wishlist for later, but it can go get stuffed (not with money, o' course, cuz I spent that).  I'll trade moolah for knowledge any day.  Someday, it shall come to terms with that fact.

Thank you again, and thank all of you for being a part of this cantina.  You make my day every day!

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Lyle said...

Before you go to Indiana next year if you have not already bought it you should get Roadside Geology of Indiana. Note that looking at rocks used in construction in IN you can see the influence of the railroad. Before about 1845 local stone was used where available, but after that everything went to limestone from between Bloomington and Bedford.