17 September, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

The Priorities of PG&E.

When asking for a $5 million rate hike in 2007:
PG&E asked the PUC for permission for a $5 million rate hike to “replace a section of the same pipeline that blew up in San Bruno.” The PUC approved PG&E’s request, allowing it to hike its rates so that it could repair the line in 2009. 
When not using the $5 million rate hike to repair the dangerous pipeline:
While the company failed to spend the $5 million it took from customers in 2009 to repair the faulty pipeline, it did spend that exact same amount in the same year on bonuses for its executives, according to TURN. 

When asking for yet another $5 million rate hike to fix the dangerous pipeline in 2009:
In its request, PG&E warned that if “the replacement of this pipe does not occur, risks associated with this segment will not be reduced. Coupled with the consequences of failure of this section of pipeline, the likelihood of a failure makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high.” Despite these admitted risks, the company could only promise to make its repairs by 2013.
What PG&E was spending its millions on in the meantime:
Calitics notes that while PG&E failed to use the millions it charged consumers in rate hikes to repair its pipeline, it did manage to spend millions of dollars supporting Proposition 16, which would've allowed it to secure its monopoly over the power sector in the state.
And this is what they say about spending the five million meant to fix the deadly pipeline on executive bonuses, and spending further millions that could've fixed the pipeline on trying to buy a monopoly instead:
Local news station KTVU asked PG&E President Chris Johns why his company failed to make the repairs on schedule, despite recognizing that the pipeline was a considerable risk and using a rate hike on consumer to do it. “Some things happen when we’re going down, and a year later maybe some other item becomes more emergent that we need to fix,” replied Johns. “And so that’s why we will redirect funds to take care of the things that are urgent today, and then go back and say what are the things that are urgent tomorrow.”
Four people died and several were critically injured, while hundreds of others lost everything they had, because these assclowns didn't think that pipeline was "urgent today."  Except, of course, when they were asking for more cash from their customers.

I'm not a huge believer in the death penalty.  Not for individuals.  But some corporations need to be put down like rabid dogs.  PG&E is one.  Send its executives to the unemployment lines, shut it down, and put people in charge of the utilities who believe that the things that are urgent today are the lives and safety of human beings, not the already-overflowing bank accounts of executives and manipulating the political system to further engorge an already engorged company.

These fucktards are beyond despicable.  There should be no place for them in a civilized society.


Suzanne said...

*standing on chair clapping wildly*

one of the benefits of moving to oregon was not having to deal with pg&e, or as i used to call them, pacific gas and extortion.

Cujo359 said...

There might be a case for negligence on the part of the regulatory agency that approved those rate hikes, too. If I were a PG&E customer, or should I say mark, I'd sure want to know why PG&E was allowed to get away with this.