04 September, 2008

Bush Appointee: Baby Powder Worse Offense Than Attempted Assassination

Last week, Denver police arrested three men plotting to assassinate Obama. U.S. Attorney Troy Eid, a Bush appointee, didn't think it was anything to worry about.

But the FBI did:

Even more significant, beyond the details of the plot, was the fact that, as the Colorado Independent notes, the FBI asked for more serious charges to be filed and were turned down.

When police searched the hotel rooms and cars the men were using, they confiscated meth, needles, laptops, cell phones, a black mask, books indicating check fraud and forgery, bags of new clothes, tactical pants and bar coupons.

Based on the evidence, FBI special agent Robert Sawyer believed there was probable cause to charge the men with conspiracy to kill Senator Obama. However, US Attorney Troy Eid last week said there is insufficient evidence to indicate a true threat, plot or conspiracy against the senator.

Note the language used by Eid in dismissing the gravity of the case: the case isn't serious because they were "more aspirational, perhaps, than operational"? Well, when it was the Liberty Seven -- black Muslim men who were described by the FBI as "aspirational rather than operational" -- there was no hesitation by the Justice Department in bringing charges.

Ah, well, you know, in Troy Eid's Republicon world, as long as folks are only "aspiring" to murder a Democratic candidate, it's no big deal, no matter the level of planning or the seriousness of the weapons seized. The inventory in their truck, you'll recall, included "two rifles, including one with a scope; a bulletproof vest; boxes of ammunition; walkie-talkies; and suspected narcotics." Nothing that would threaten a presidential candidate at all.

But send baby powder to a Republicon presidential candidate, and the whole wrath of the mighty Justice Department will come crashing down upon you:

Another funny thing: When a black man in prison sent a threatening letter containing baby powder to John McCain, Troy Eid brought down the full force of the law, complete with press conferences and public declarations that "We won't stand for threats of this kind in Colorado."

Isn't it incredible just how blatant these fuckers are in their hypocrisy? You'd think they'd been getting away with it for eight years or something.

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