04 September, 2008

You Just Don't Get Google, Do You?

What do you do when a questionnaire you answered in 2006 becomes a huge fucking embarrassment plastered all over the internet?

A. Explain how your views have changed.

B. Stand by your answers and pander to the conservative base.

C. Ignore the uproar and hope it's forgotten by election day.

D. Think everything will be solved if only you scrub that pesky page from the intertoobz.

Those who plump for option D should realize that their plan, while seemingly brilliant, has one fatal flaw.

Teh Google: It Never Forgets.


Brought to you by Citizens United for an Intelligent American Presidency. At the moment, it boasts all of one American. You can join this growing movement in the comments. Slogans welcome, as this is the best I've got so far:

"Because the world deserves a break from unrelenting stupidity."


khops13 said...

"Becos teh stoopid burnz?"

Cujo359 said...

They also forgot the "Save As" menu option. Stupidity does come at a cost.