27 March, 2009

Comedy Gold

Or, at least, this is hella amusing if you're exhausted from moving, and it's probably funny even if not:

Earlier today, Sarah Palin decided to cut and run from a confrontation over her decision (a.k.a. political grandstanding) to turn down a portion of Alaska's share of the stimulus money:

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) backed out a scheduled meeting Thursday with state legislative leaders who have publicly criticized her plan to turn down a portion of the state’s federal stimulus funds.

“We had a meeting scheduled with the governor today and her legislative liaison told us that she wasn’t there and that we could meet with the staff,” said Gary Stevens, the state’s Republican Senate President, at an afternoon press conference.


Stevens said the lawmakers turned down the offer because Palin’s staff “often has trouble answering questions.”

Heh heh heh, awesome.

Of course, there's also the desperate lying to cover Palin's ass, too. Go. Read. Be entertained.

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