10 March, 2009

Obstructionist and Proud of It

You know, the usual political tactic is to say nice things in public while furiously stabbing backs off-camera. But the Cons have gone so far round the bend that they feel no shame in admitting they want our President to fail, and now they're openly plotting to bring down the Dems in Congress:

Is there any case to be made for bipartisanship when Republicans openly say their goal is to destroy and not construct? The latest example: More Republican Destruction Politics from Rep. Patrick McHenry.

Greg Sargent writes:

GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry, a key player in helping craft the Republican message, has offered an unusually blunt description of the Republican strategy right now.

McHenry’s description is buried in this new article from National Journal (sub. only):

"We will lose on legislation. But we will win the message war every day, and every week, until November 2010," said Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., an outspoken conservative who has participated on the GOP message teams. "Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and for House Democrats. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint."

McHenry’s spokesperson, Brock McCleary, tells me his boss is standing by the quote.

McHenry’s description of his party’s goal — to “bring down approval numbers” for Nancy Pelosi and House Dems — is being much talked about today among Congressional Dems. It’s likely that Dems will grab on to the quote today to bolster their charge that Congressional Republicans aren’t interested in playing a constructive role in governing and see their hope for political revival in the eventual failure of the Democratic majority’s policies.

Note what he said: they'll "win the message war." That's all they've got. Sizzle with no steak. Smoke with no fire. They're resting their hopes on marketing. Even fucktards like Joe the Plumber know they're being sold an empty box:

At a meeting of conservative activists in Milwaukee, Mr. The Plumber had some tough words for the RNC chairman: "Unfortunately we have a chairman up there who wants to redefine conservatism; he wants to make it hip hop, put it in a new package and sell it."

"You can't sell principles; either you have them or you don't," he added, to applause from the audience of 800 people.

What escapes SamJoe here is that when you have no principles, you either admit that up front (political suicide), get some (too much hard work), or wrap things up in fancy packing, slap a sticker on saying "Now with Extra Principles!!!" and jack up the price (cha-ching!).

Can't win an economic argument based on your economic principles? Don't despair - brand the other guy's product as socialism! Slap the freedom label on your own. Repeat for every argument you know you're going to lose - domestic policy, foreign policy, security - no matter how bankrupt your idea, just call it freedom and win the message war! People will always be stupid enough to buy an empty box if they think there's freedom in there. It won't even matter that the other brand's cheaper, better, and actually has something in the box.

That's exactly what Cons are trying to do with their "message wars." We'll see if enough suckers were born in the last few minutes to keep them in business.


Hank said...

That damn plumber! Hey you fucktard, I've been waiting for you to fix my drain!!!

dNorrisM said...

Cal Thomas's latest column is a blast: The republicans only lost because they pandered to the liberal side rather than listening to Rush and his traditional conservative values.