28 March, 2009

May I Have a Moment of Silence for Sen. Specter's Incumbancy?

Alas, poor Arlen. We knew him, America:
Well, it's official: Arlen Specter has no chance. Unmoved by Specter's reversal on EFCA, his right-wing opponent has unleashed The Most Ultimatest Weapon:

It turns out that his main conservative primary challenger, Club for Growth president Pat Toomey, is going to get the ultimate in blessings from the right: He’s campaigning alongside Joe the Plumber!

It is finished. Specter should've bewar'd the Ides of March. Now he faces the fury of a union scorned. You just know what he's thinking now: "Et tu, Josephus?"

Once Joe the Plumber has fallen in with your sworn enemy, your defeat is imminent. Just ask John McCain.

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