24 March, 2009

Vermont On Fast Track to Marriage Equality - With Republican Support

Every once in a while, Republicans surprise me:

This afternoon (Monday, March 23) the Vermont State Senate passed S. 115, legislation for civil marriage equality by a vote of 26 to 4.

The 23 Democrats in the Senate voted for the bill by a 22 to 1 margin, while the 7 Republicans split 4 to 3 in favour of the bill. (In how many states would a majority of Republicans vote for marriage equality?)

Mind you, it's a wafer-thin majority, but that's still four Republicans who did the right thing. The bill now goes to the House, where it's expected to pass. As long as Vermont's Republican governor doesn't get an itchy veto pen, same-sex couples in Vermont will enjoy the right to destroy their lives get married just like the rest of us.

My deepest condolences congratulations to you!

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