30 March, 2009

Firebombing for the Lord

Aren't these the same people who tell us that without Christianity, the country would descend into chaos, mayhem, and general bodily harm? Because it doesn't look like their religion has kept them from engaging in all three:

A few weeks ago, I interview Joann Bell on my radio show about her experiences when she filed a lawsuit over school prayer in Oklahoma. She was assaulted by a school employee, had her own obituary sent to her in the mail and had her house firebombed. But she's hardly alone. I'm gonna post some other stories, taken from a brief filed by Americans United in a court case asking that their client be allowed to remain anonymous in a church/state lawsuit.

In almost every church/state lawsuit I'm aware of, there is harassment and intimidation of the plaintiffs. In most of them there are also threats of violence. In many, there is outright violence and vandalism.
So much for superior morality, then, eh?

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Cujo359 said...

But, those aren't real Christians, you know. ;)