28 March, 2009

How I Feel Today: Moving Edition

It's that time in the moving process when, upon being faced with yet another box to unpack, you either want to do this:

Or this:

No store seems to carry the two-shelf bookcases I wanted for the bedroom. I can't get the phone jacks to work. And the new super-awesome shower caddy I bought doesn't fit. Wah.

However, some of the books are unpacked. The vast majority of the walk-in closet has been turned into an office extension. My so-called wardrobe is weeping softly to itself on one rod, which is just as it should be. A few more days, and I'll be able to return to full-time blogging, fiction writing, and tech supporting. Suzie Homemaker can enter happy retirement. Life shall be wonderful.

Or so I tell myself in order to avoid following in the footsteps of the above cats.

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