22 March, 2009

Distractions for the Easily Distracted

Some people really need therapy:
I just heard some jerk on the radio making fun of the Obamas for growing a kitchen garden at the White House and complaining that doing it is a "distraction" from fixing the financial crisis. I'm not kidding. Charlie Cook on Hardball explained today that it is some kind of cynical, political outreach "to the gardeners." Still not kidding.
It's a fucking garden. Criminy. And who the fuck assumes that, because Michelle Obama's planting a garden with the help of a lot of kids and folks who keep the White House in good repair, President Obama's somehow neglecting his duties? What sane person thinks a fucking vegetable garden is that much of a distraction?

I think "distraction" is their way of saying, "We hate everything any Democrat's doing." These shallow, pathetic little fuckwits want things to stay exactly the same as before, so they're reaching for a bludgeon that might force the President to stop changing things. If his wife buys a new set of pillows next week, we shall surely be hearing about how that's "distracting" them from fixing the financial crisis. And I'm sure it'll be seen as icky political outreach to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Who knows what'll happen if they decide on linens created from bamboo. That will probably prove a scandal on the order of getting blown by interns.

I'm pretty sure all of the people currently screaming about various and sundry distractions are deficient in the self-awareness department. If they weren't, they'd surely notice that the only ones getting distracted are themselves.

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NP said...

Better a kitchen garden as a "distraction" than some other things they could be doing.